Michael lives life to the fullest with his wife & kids above all other pursuits and maintains a flexible schedule to make that possible. It’s his mission to help men discover their greatness so they can lead their families well and make their mark on the world.

Michael is a professionally trained leadership coach with a decade of experience working with high capacity business owners and executives. He partners with high achievers to create powerful break-throughs in key areas of their lives and businesses so they can lead with unshakable confidence and clarity. His clients find clarity, confidence and awareness about who they truly are, what their strengths are and how to leverage them for exponential growth and impact.

Michael carefully curates a safe and confidential space for his clients as they together work through complex challenges in business and life. With a board to report to, executive personalities to navigate and employees to motivate; a trusted sounding board is often difficult to find. Michael is this trusted guide for leaders nationwide.

Michael is a man of faith, a devoted husband, a family man to the core and an entrepreneur. He lives in Clarence, New York with his wife and 3 kids.



If Chris Niemeyer isn’t traveling with his wife & 4 young kids or running his real estate investments, he’s committed to helping other entrepreneurs work ON their business instead of IN it.

A business coach and real estate investor, Chris is passionate about helping small business owners work smarter, not harder to discover more time and financial freedom. Living a life of adventure, spending more time with loved ones and operating in your sweet spot can be a reality as you go through his

FREEDOM Business System™.

Chris is also a passionate and avid investor. He coaches professionals how to maximize their profits and create new income streams for a more free and flexible lifestyle.

Outside of work, he and his wife are likely at the beach in Florida playing with their 4 young kids, coaching their soccer teams, traveling or enjoying family time.



A man who leads himself well will prioritize his spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health. Investing in yourself pays unlimited dividends to lead others well.


A healthy marriage is the foundation to your success. A committed husband consistently invests in his marriage and pursues his wife for a deep, thriving relationship.


An intentional father is present and consistently loving. He leads with connection and influence to raise confident, healthy kids...who go onto become effective adults.


A businessman or professional brings integrity, character, value and excellence to the marketplace. He shapes culture, builds wealth and makes generational impact.


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